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Riffraff offers alluring and affordable apparel for life's big and small moments.

Shop from our carefully edited collection of women’s clothing including dresses, graphic tees, shoes, jewelry, accessories and gifts.

Riffraff is the boutique in Dallas to go if you're looking to adorn yourself with the most innovative and attractive clothing and accessories. The Dallas Boutique offers a wide variety of apparel and embellishments for girls of all personality types and walks of life. You can literally get lost browsing through the extensive collection of affordable and highly desirable apparel. You can find unique clothing for college girls or women who are college girls at heart. Brands at Riffraff You will find a number of popular brands when you shop with us. Just a few of the brand names that you will see here are Wildfox, Gentle Fawn, Daydreamer, Amuse Society, One Teaspoon, Charlie Southern, Frasier Sterling, Friday + Saturday, Matisse and Show Me Your MuMu. You will have a field day at Riffraff if those brands are some of your favorites. Take the time to look through the huge number of offerings that the site has for you. You will surely find something interesting there. The "New Arrivals" section is a hoot, as well. It may present you with something that you never before saw there. Fabulous Clothes Riffraff has every type of clothing that you need. You can find a broad assortment of activewear, outerwear, sweaters, and jumpsuits and rompers. Jumpsuits and rompers are cool because they are playful and youthful. In the clothes section, you'll also find items such as two-piece sets, loungewear, intimates, tops and denim galore. The t-shirt section has a tremendous number of t-shirts that have cool sayings, icons and other unique graphics and attributes. A girl can feel comfortable expressing her personality, and she will find a shirt to do just that. Adorable Shoes Need shoes? Riffraff has you covered. From sandals to high heels, you can find something to put on your feet for any occasion. Some of the sandal styles that you can look forward to are styles such as rebels, peanut strappies, munchkin strappy heels and rosie sandals. The boot inventory covers some famous feels such as the Caty boots, peep toes and Calista styles. You can even find some Cheetah booties if you're into the wild animal appeal. After you make your way around the boot section, you can stop by the clothing sections and put together something that is forty kinds of fantastic. Jewelry and Accessories What is a gorgeous outfit without the jewelry to follow up with? Riffraff makes sure that you have a ton of options from which you can choose the classiest of jewelry selections. No type of accessory is uncovered at this store. You can accessorize yourself with chokers and necklaces, or you can look for the perfect handbag. You can even find accessories for your cell phone if you need those. Other accessories that you will find in the store are items like patches, body art and a collection of interesting PG-13 items. Dresses Choose from a gorgeous assortment of dresses for every situation you can imagine. Wear a no-way crotchet tunic for elegant times. Buy a cityscape escape dress for a night on the town. Experiment with a hacienda maxi dress for that ethnic appeal. You can also have some fun in one of the many tie dye dresses that are for sale. if you're going for the sassy look, you may want to slip into a red hot cutout shift dress. You'll also find a wide selection of lace dresses and floral options for a summery and girly feel.The options are endless for you. Sales and Discounted Items Everyone loves a discount, and no one can deny it. You can sift through the special sale items if you are on a strict budget but want to buy something sassy. You will find a wide assortment of $15 t-shirts that have been marked down from a price of more than $30. You also have the option to search for sale items by price so that you always stay within your special budget. Another thing that you can count on at Riffraff is free shipping. That is always available to you as a courtesy. Many similar sites do not offer that privilege. Take advantage of it today by ordering something you truly love.

Riffraff Dallas
19 S Block Ave, Fayetteville, AR 72701
(214) 496-5229
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