LA-based womens t-shirt line created by designer, Laura Glover who was born and raised in Chicago, IL! With her husband (heart eyes) as her business partner, their flagship storefront is located in palm springs, where she believes the stress of the city melts away

Daydreamer is for the girl who is passionate about Rock NRoll and soulful music. Inspired by travel, music, concert posters, flea market fashions Laura desires to create a brand that seeks to inspire women with a dream

Locally Sourced: I developed a special rayon blend with the mill to create a fabric that women will feel good in. Everything is made in L.A.Hoping to promote American jobs while reducing their environmental footprint.

Her Goal: I'd like to see ladies wearing Daydreamer across the country, and be able to find our label in their local boutique, not just online.