I just wanted to take a minute to let you all know how great I think your customer service is! From interacting with customers on social media (personal and Riffraff accounts), to answering emails right away, and being so nice when texting for in store shopping!  Also, Riffraff has always had quick processing and shipping, but lately it's on a whole other level! I placed an order Monday afternoon and it just arrived today. I know you have a dedicated team that works hard to get everything shipped out, and I can't believe how quick and efficient they are - especially for free shipping! I'm sure you have plenty of people praising the brand, but I just wanted to make sure you had one more! Thanks for everything your team does to make Riffraff so great!

Ashley Garcia

Just wanted to give you guys a shout out for THE BEST Cyber Monday sale! The PSA in the email of when the Cyber Monday sale email would be sent was great, I was sitting at my computer anxiously waiting that email. The sale percentage was insane too, you guys are too generous. The time from when I placed my order, to when it shipped, to when I received it was 3 business day. I APPLAUD YOU. That is amazing and is what makes me a repeat customer with your business. I hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving, an amazing Cyber Monday, and an even better holiday season. You have made me a truly happy customer. I praise your name in Texas and I hope that you get some business from the people that I tell. Thank you again for all that you do!

Erin Brannan