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Riffraff + Children's Safety Center of Washington County

As a company, Riffraff has always strived to give back to our community. Whether it is our time or proceeds. Every year we have donated over $50,000 to organizations serving those around us. This year we are collaborating with The Children's Safety Center of Washington County, an organization our owner, Kirsten Morman, holds dear to her heart benefitting the victims of child abuse right here in our own community.


The CSC facilitates more effective prevention, detection, investigation, and treatment of child abuse. CSC brings together teams of professionals that include the vital resources of law enforcement, child protective services, victim service providers, prosecutors, medical personnel, mental health professionals, and community volunteers. This team works together to ensure that the best interests of these child victims are being served. 


The services of a victim advocate are essential in achieving the overall goals of reduction in trauma and secondary victimization for children.

Advocacy services consist of:

  • Welcoming and orienting the child and family to the CSC
  • Providing crisis intervention during the initial visit
  • Enhancing the cooperation of the family in the court process
  • Accompanying the child and non-offending parent to court
  • Facilitating linkages with other types of basic needs including housing, food, job services, clothing, and others

Forensic Interviews

The Children’s Safety Center has trained forensic interviewers who perform recorded interviews as requested by investigators. CSC also offers the use of the interview rooms to all investigating professionals who have participated and passed a research-based, 40 hours or more forensic interview training.

  • Reduces the number of interviews of the child
  • Facilitates the efficient gathering and sharing of all information critical to the case
  • Broadens the knowledge base by including the information from several agencies
  • Improves communication among agencies
  • Creates less stress for the child


Specialized medical evaluations and sexual assault exams are made available to all children who are victims of suspected abuse; particularly sexual abuse. All forensic medical examinations are conducted by a specially trained Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner. Services also include sexually transmitted infection testing, pregnancy testing, and case consultations.


The Children’s Safety Center provides a free, comprehensive treatment program for the child victims by using evidence-based treatments for trauma such as Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT), Child Parent Psychotherapy (CPP), and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).

  • Develop and/or improve emotional regulation skills
  • Strengthen positive attachments with caregivers
  • Improve ability to function normally in school and the community
  • Understand what healthy, safe relationships are
  • Reduce self-blame and feelings of guilt
  • Provide a safe supportive place to process traumatic experiences
  • Develop a sense of hope for the future


April is Child Abuse Awareness Month. This year we are debuting our 'Handprints for hope' t-shirt in which all proceeds from it's sales will be donated to the operation costs of The Children's Safety Center of Washington County. SHOP BELOW!

Riffraff will match all monetary donations up to $10,000 in the month of April! When you donate (links below) your name or a name in honor of will be written upon the designated handprint color and hung on our storefront walls. We're hoping this installation influences those in our community to learn about and get involved with The Children's Safety Center!

When shopping on or in our storefront you will have the option to round up your order to donate to The CHildren's Safety Center.


When a child comes through the CSC, they leave an indelible handprint on the wall representing an emotional story of recovery. This powerful handprint has become the defining symbol of their mission, as each handprint tells a story full of heart and hope for the future.

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