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Recruitment is around the corner and the Riffraff team is just as excited about it as you are! Joining a sorority is one of the most exciting times in the life of a college co-ed. As a loved one, you can help make the experience THE BEST! Send her a gift of items bearing her new letters. We provide licensed merchandise for all sororities.

We want to be there every step of the way and help make recruitment an unforgettable and stress-free experience for your soon-to-be sorority gal. Let us start helping you by putting together an absolutely adorable Bid Day gift that is every sorority girl’s dream! You can guarantee that our Greek apparel and merchandise will always be up-to-date and on trend. Plus, Riffraff will be around all year to celebrate every major event in your sorority gal’s life! Whether it’s Bid Day, Big/Little Reveal, Formal, or even just prepping for Spring Break and Finals Week, Riffraff is your one-stop shop!

Below you will find answers to all of your most common concerns and questions in regards to our Bid Day Boxes. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via phone at (479) 684-1749 or via email at!

Go Greek! Go Hogs!

xoxo, Riffraff
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looking for greek merch? our fayetteville storefront will carry exclusive greek merchandise for a limited time starting august 14th! follow our storefront on instagram at @riffrafffayetteville to stay up to date on all things greek and bid day.


are you selling bid day boxes?
we aren't selling bid day boxes this year. instead, we will be selling greek merchandise in our fayetteville storefront for a limited time.
can i order greek merchandise to be delivered to the sorority house?
unfortunately, we don't have a delivery team that can get merchandise to the house on bid day. however, you can shop in store or over the phone to purchase a gift and we can let the recipient know there is a gift waiting for them at the storefront. they can have 2 weeks to swing by and pick it up.
can i purchase merchandise before bid day?
we don't recommend purchasing any greek merchandise before bid day unless its for an active member. all of our greek merchandise is final sale, so you'll want to wait until your girl gets her official bid before purchasing.
what if i can't make it to the store to purchase a gift?
we would be happy to help you! shoot us a text or call us at 479-684-1749! we would be happy to put together a gift package for you complete with a hand-written note, and we can even contact the recipient to surprise her with the news of her gift!

can I call the morning of bid day to figure out which sorority my recipient got a bid to?

sadly, no. due to contractual agreement with University of Arkansas Greek Life, we are not able to disclose that information. plus, it's much more exciting for it to be a surprise!