Amuse Society

Amuse Society is the creative vision of best friends Mandy Fry and Summer Rapp, who are bringing their vision of a contemporary beach lifestyle brand to fruition. Described as a beautiful contradiction of beach, street, bohemian and rock and roll, their free spirited confidence and entrepreneurial spirit is what ultimately inspired them to launch their first brand together in 2014.

Amuse Society is a combination of beach chic and ready-to-wear rock ’n’ roll vibes. An aesthetic inspired by travel, the beach, and rebellion is what makes this brand stand out among others. “Our look screams, “That’s so Amuse.” On or off the beach, the style is undeniably bold and rebelliously sexy”.

  • Riffraff carries several Amuse Society products such as, denim, tops, dresses, outerwear, swimwear, and hats. Amuse Society has been featured in magazines including, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, US Weekly, and a variety of surf inspired magazines. The brand has also been featured in blogs like Who What Wear, Fab for Fun, PopSugar, and The Zoe Report.
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