WCW: Cologne & Cammy Mumu

April 13, 2016

Show me someone who has never wanted to start a company with their BFF and I’ll show you a liar. Honestly that is THE DREAM! This week’s WCW is a duo that is living that very dream. Cologne or “Coco”, & Cammy are the #girlbosses behind one of Riffraff’s very favorite brands, Show Me Your Mumu! They met while attending college at UC Berkeley and started their company only a few years out of college. I check in on both of their social media accounts religiously because every single picture that they post makes me more obsessed. I’ve collected some of the very coolest pictures from the past few months!

A few months ago Coco got married in Hawaii…


Cammy, of course, was the MOH…


Don’t worry, Cammy is engaged! Of course, her bridal shower was fab…


Just this past week the duo hit the streets of my favorite city, NYC…


Plus, they hang out with ex-bachelorettes…


They eat cool, Cali brunches…



They swing down to Miami for the weekend…


Their HQ is located in the heart of LA’s arts district…


There it is: 9 pics that prove you should start a business with your best friend because after all of the really, really hard work comes some very cool pictures. (All pics via @showmeyourmumu Twitter)

P.S. I think we all need some Mumu in our lives….we have you covered!

Curated by Kynzee Smith, Spring ’16 Creative Intern

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