Halos for Hope

April 20, 2010

We have a lot of really great products here at Riffraff but there’s one item that is really becoming popular here in Northwest Arkansas and we can’t brag on them enough…

Halos for hope are really making an impact… Profits from these colorful bangles fund community development projects in impoverished  areas of the Tibetan Plateau…
Average annual income of the Tibetan people in our community is less than $450 US. That is less than $1.23 per day to provide food, shelter, clothing, and medical care for the family
-Average elevation on the Tibetan Plateau is 16,000 feet
-200 days per year are below freezing
-We are striving to establish true aid for the people, not just throwing money at them
-Our mission is to provide opportunities for sustainable socio-economic growth by connecting Tibetan artisans with the global market
-The Halos for Hope are made by communities of Tibetan artisans whom we compensate fairly (well above fair trade regulations)
-Profits from our operations are donated to our non-profit sister organization and then used for community development programs in the same communities where we employ the people
-Some of our previous programs have included:
    -helping build a school
    -sending 300 students through the school
    -donating 250 yaks to the community after a harsh winter killed a large number of their livestock
    -donating 300+ jackets to nomadic families in the area
    -hosting medical clinics
    -providing meal plans for our employees and their families
 Late last week we received an e-mail from Clay of the Jade Tree Project with devastating
The area of our operation and community development in China was hit last night in the earthquake on the Tibetan Plateau. We have lost a lot of friends in the disaster and are working to help where we can.

The quake has claimed over 400 lives so far and the number is expected to double in the next couple of days. 8,000 are confirmed injured. 90% of the homes have been completely destroyed and 85% of the rest of the buildings have either collapsed or have irreparable damage.  We are partnering with another non-profit are the only group of westerners that have received the letter of invitation from the Chinese government to go in and start working.  The funds will go to medical equipment, food, and setting up shelter for the survivors. The weather forecast for the next few days is calling for high winds, freezing temperatures, sleet and snow.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

We will be setting up a donation jar on our counter here at Riffraff for any donations and would love any feedback on more ideas of how we, as a community, could help!

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