Fayetteville Spotlight

March 30, 2016

I’m not originally from Fayetteville (I’m not even originally from Tulsa, but I still wear a Tulsa native shirt), but honestly, I am the most obnoxious when it comes to my college town. I just honest-to-God think it is the best!!! It’s full of small, local business, interesting people, great hiking, like, 17 thai restaurants, a place that teaches beekeeping, and even a tattoo artist named Scooter (I Scooter).

Ya’ll know about Riffraff, you know about the girls here, you know the things we sell, but for a sec let me brag about our city. It’s got something for everyone: Gourmet popcorn shops, a farmer’s market with handmade carvings, weavings, fresh flowers, and GMO-free produce, a thriving greek life, a million local artists as well as non-profits like Potter’s House and Art Feeds NWA, the second largest motorcycle rally in the United States (ya), Woo Pig University, and today, I saw the giant Oscar Meyer weiner truck driving around. What a town. WHAT. A. TOWN.

In one day, I can eat the best pancakes that have ever existed at Farmer’s Table, take a class on modern, artistic anarchy (yes, it’s true), call the hogs, go kayaking, pet a python at the Northwest Arkansas Reptile Museum, see Andy Warhol art right down the road in Bentonville, and go night-caving at Devil’s Den (I DO NOT recommend – this is scary.)

So maybe that was more like Northwest Arkansas, not just Fayetteville, BUT point proven, I think. If you guys who follow the blog are from out of state and ever get a chance to visit the area – you will not regret it. The natural beauty, business ingenuity, incredible food, and eccentric people will never disappoint!!!


Farmers Table for pancakes that will bring tears.


Woo Pig for sporty folks.


Crystal Bridge Art Museum for art luvers


Creepy cemeteries for Halloween spooks


Trails galore for you and your pups


The best Indian food at Khana

Written and photographed by Betsy Lotspiech, Spring ’16 Creative Intern

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