Guest Blogger: Our own Chelsey Casey

March 28, 2013

hi friends!
i wanted to take over the blog one last time to thank this little business that i love so much. i say one last time because most of those earlier posts you see were written by yours truly. oh, and because it will be one of my last. what’s all this talk about it being my last post? well, we’ll get to that, but first a little bit more about myself. i have had the incredible opportunity of being riffraff’s photographer and graphic designer (amongst other things) for the past year. i have learned and experienced so much! and let me tell you, these people work HARD. what a huge blessing riffraff, kirsten, and all the girls (and evan) have been to me! i’m still blown away by their love and kindness. getting to do what i love with people i adore.. yes, a true blessing.

but alas, my main man (hubby josh) is sweeping me away to the big state of texas after 5 years in this funky town that i’m completely smitten with. i’ll miss you fayetteville (and new office space). and although i’m a bit heartbroken to be leaving everything behind, i’m super excited to start a new adventure! speaking of, you should follow our journey and see other cool things on my BLOG! (hurry, go now for a giveaway from your favorite little store)

thanks again, riffraff. you will always hold a special place in my heart… who knows i may even be back someday!

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