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Guest Blogger: Claire from Simply Clairety… My "Princess Day" at Riffraff!

Sitting in my grandparent’s living room had never been so exciting when I got a text from a friend saying, “YOU WON THE $500 SHOPPING SPREE!!!” …… I’m sorry…. What?  My first reaction was confusion, then shock, then pure excitement.  I was having a major YAY moment, and the best part hadn’t even happened yet.
A gloomy Sunday turned in to a day of fashion sunshine.  Before I even arrived at Riffraff to go on my shopping spree, Ashley(the amazing stylist) and Leah (not only a shop girl, but a dear friend) had already pulled some amazing pieces for me.  Honestly, I felt like my dream had come true and I was a princess.
Trying everything on was fabulous, yet it was also a little sad when I had to narrow everything down.  I toughed it out, made some decisions, and walked away with some new favorite closet additions.  
Take a look at some of the outfits I created with just a few of my new Riffraff goodies.

Aren’t they fun, colorful and perfect for spring??  I will have to admit, I do have a favorite purchase… 
These DV by Dolce Vita Phoenix High Heels are perfect in almost every way.  They go with everything, look great on, and (surprisingly) are extremely comfortable. 
On Riffraff’s birthday, I posted an extremely cheesy Instagram saying… 
“What do I love most about Riffraff? I love the love they give back! Not only do they supply us with the best “fashion love” a girl could ask for, they invite us to be part of their amazing Riffraff family.  They invite us to celebrate birthdays, holidays and more!  Riffraff’s staff is fabulous (@leahknichols) and always fully dressed with a smile.  I love knowing that I always have somewhere to go when I need the perfect piece for my blog.  Happy birthday @shopriffraff and congrats on your wonderful 4 years! #riffrafflove” 
…. I still stand by what I said that day, and mean it even more today.  Riffraff has a special way of making people’s days and giving back to their community.  I will continue to show my #riffrafflove till death do us part!

Take a look at my blog to see more outfits with pieces from my $500 shopping spree. Also, like the photography? Check out my amazing friend, Meredith Mashburn.

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