Guest Blogger: Meg Bourne

May 20, 2013

Four things I love.

Good style and taste are what drew me to Riffraff originally. Kindness and customer service are what made me a loyal .I’m the type of person that will visit a coffee shop daily because of my relationship with the barista (good coffee is fantastic, but get a barista that knows my order and  I’m practically married to the shop for life). I feel the same way about Riffraff. Upon first encounter, I loved their clothes but didn’t really have any reason to remain loyal to the brand- that is until I encountered Kirsten. Not only is she business savvy, but she has such a heart of gold. Last Summer I had to attend a major televised event, the Do Something Awards on VH1, for a not-for-profit I run-  Art Feeds.( As a non-profiteer I lacked time to shop for this event and completely lacked the money to feel pretty and fancy the way I wanted. When I reached out to Kirsten with a request to dress me and the Art Feeds staff for the event, she didn’t hesitate to help us feel full-fledged beautiful for the festivities.  I’ve been hooked on the brand ever since, because I was able to see the heart behind it, and man is it a BIG OL’ HEART. I’m just one story of many. It seems like I see RiffRaff in my Instagram every few days supporting another worthy cause. When I shop at Riffraff I’m pumped because I’m getting the cutest clothes around, but I’m even more confident in my purchase because of the kind hearts I know that work behind the scenes. Here’s a photo of the dress I wore to the Do Something Awards re-styled for everyday wear:

2.My hometown and my state
I’m a proud Missourian. I’m even more proud to be from Joplin, a community you may remember as wrecked and devastated on the news some years ago, but one that I know is deeply resilient and strong.  I love the “pull yourself up by the boot straps” attitude of the South. My roots grow deep in the Show-me-State, which is why the new RiffRaff State Love Summer line is perfect for daily Summer wears. I love that Riffraff is just a stone’s throw away from my Missouri hometown, with the same Southern work ethic and kindness as my home state. Missouri sits on Arkansas’ shoulders, after all. These tanks can be endlessly styled with the everyday Summer cutoffs, or in my case dress down my favorite RiffRaff dress I once wore to a fancy shindig, or better yet help me go all out “Missouri” in my attire with these fabulous cowboy boots  and lace I snagged from Riffraff  in the Fall:
I’m in the business of creativity- literally. Art Feeds, the organization I founded, works to mobilize creative healing and encourage creative development in children. Creativity in every aspect of life is incredibly important to me. There’s some sort of statistic floating around the business world that your average salary will be that of your 5 closest friends. I don’t care much about salary, but I do think this applies to creativity. I work to surround myself with people that are more creative than I, that inspire me to be better daily. I can honestly say the Kirsten and the RiffRaff staff do just that for me,  so add that to the list of reasons I’m so in love with the brand.

I love culture and travel- exposure to new places and the adventure of new spaces is completely my jam. I’ve been lucky enough to travel quite a bit in the last year with Art Feeds. I’ve traveled to fashion capitals like LA and New York, to which I am usually clad in RiffRaff garb. I used to think my southern style would pale in comparison to these cities, but it never fails in my travels, I get asked about my clothes and accessories and receive countless asks of, “where did you get that?”, to which a can proudly answer “Riffraff, a startup shop near my home town” (“TAKE THAT” I think to those New Yorkers that believe style only exists on the left and right coasts) then I happily dole out the web site and know that everyone I encounter will be as happy a customer as I am. I was so proud of this headband I wore at an awards show in LA this winter, never have I had so many compliments on an accessory- and it was from Riffraff.

P.S. Check out this cool video from the Do Something Awards that Riffraff dressed me for!

What are a few of the things you love?
Photo credit: Kevin Deems Photography 

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