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Guest Blogger: Meredith Benfield

{Meredith Benfield is a longtime friend of Riffraff, and owner, Kirsten Blowers. She and her husband Dale are renowned wedding photographers in the Northwest Arkansas area. We are excited to have her post today!}
There are like a grillion things I love about Riffraff. If I had time, and if you had the patience, I would list every. single. one. My very favorite thing about Riffraff is the beautiful, kind-hearted, incomparable owner, Kirsten! She’s one of a kind, y’all!

BUT…If I had to choose my favorite PIECE from Riffraff it would be the 4 foot tall golden angel wings created from refurbished wood. Kirsten lovingly hung them over my baby girl’s crib and they’ve proven to be the highlight of her nursery!


Check out Dale and Meredith’s blog here! 

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