10 Fabulous Famous Role Models

September 26, 2016


Emma Watson – Emma has been huge on gender equality ever since she was a youngin playing Hermione Granger. Now a days, Emma uses her fame to get out her message on feminism. She’s a graduate from Brown University and she was appointed a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador!!! Homegirl definitely has her life together which is such an inspiration to young girls!

Ellen DeGeneres – Okay, yes, Ellen is hilarious and a fab dancer, but she’s also generous, kind, and courageous. She gives away so much on her show and loves showing support to those who deserve it the most! She was also one of the first women in the industry to come out as openly gay and she doesn’t care to be anyone but herself!!!

Kate Middleton – Kate is defying the norm of being a princess (well duchess but princess sounds cooler so.) She was completely independent before marrying good ole Prince William. She is super generous and gives back so much. She has fabulous style and wears mostly what she wants to wear! Also, Kate always looks genuinely happy, and isn’t that what everyone wants in life???

Kendall Jenner – Okay, this one might surprise some people, but in my opinion KJ is a great role model! Her family has always been in the spotlight, yet Kendall has always seemed to be the Kardashian/Jenner that stayed down to earth. Though her fame probably did help her become a supermodel, she went off and did it on her own! She wanted no help from her family name, she wanted to do her own thing and be successful!

Angelina Jolie – Angie is probably the most generous known celeb today. She does so much amazing work in 3rd world countries. She adopted 3/6 of her children and those three would have lived a life of poverty if it weren’t for her! She stays super down to earth, even though her family may be one of the most talked about of all the famous families (especially now with the whole divorce drama.)

Zendaya – Zendaya is huge on confidence and wants other girls to be just as confident as her. She does NOT stand for internet trolls attacking people’s self esteem behind computer screens. Zendaya slays in no makeup and sweats, or in a ball gown with a full face of makeup. She gives back to community and she is turning into a style icon!!!

Katy Perry – Katy is known for her amazingly positive and can-do attitude. Much like Zendaya, Katy is huge on self-confidence! Multiple KP songs have positive messages that can give anyone a quick boost of confidence! Katy is big on meeting her fans and tries to any chance she gets.

Jennifer Lawrence – Jlaw is pretty well known for being a great role model for gals. She is super down to earth, she’s completely true to herself, she believe is equality for women in the workforce, and she’s all about positive body image. Plus, who doesn’t love her???

Tina Fey – Aside from being absolutely hilarious, Tina is a fabulous role model. She wrote her own autobiography explaining her struggles to get where she is now in a comedic way. She doesn’t care what people think. She is all about self acceptance and she is crazy determined!

Beyoncé – Okay lemme tell you why everyone’s girl, Yoncé, is a fab role model: She’s all about family, she’s humble, she’s incredibly talented, she can drop an album and stop the world, and she promotes girl power!!! Also, when I went to her concert this summer and the audience kept singing “Love On Top” when she stopped she cried a little and was SO humbled ugh love it and her.

Written by Zoe Lauer, Fall 2016 Creative Intern

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